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The Canadian coast is full of beauty, adventure, history, and culture.  Both west and east coasts provide a connection with open waters, salty air, seagulls and sandpipers, rocky cliffs, sandy shores, lighthouses, boats, and fresh seafood. There is rich heritage on our coasts, and tales to be told; be it through museums or the stories shared by "old salts". 

The Canadian coast is the place to be.  

"Canadian Coastal Art" celebrates coastal life through art, prints and products;

capturing adventures and creativity of Canadian artists. 

The company's main artist is Sharon Bourque, from Moncton, New Brunswick. Visit our blog page for her latest "in studio" postings, local event listings, and other resource postings. Our online "gallery" page features exhibit photos of original art, product photos, and events photos.

Designs used on our art-printed products originate from Canadian artists, and have coastal or coastal life themes. See our product page for pricing information. Art and products are subject to availability.  

Experience the Canadian coast.

See how it inspires you! 

Canadian Coastal Art
Moncton, New Brunswick, 

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BN#:  845602879  RT001  RM001  

Featured artist:

Sharon Bourque is an artist from Moncton, NB, Canada. Her paintings have been on exhibit locally and featured in news print. Prints of her acrylic paintings are now available on products through Canadian Coastal Art. Products have been available at live art and craft fairs, in retail, and online.

Facebook: Sharon.Bourque.Artist

BN#:  845602879  RT001  RM001